who we are

aerie voices is more than just another voice talent website. we�re a creative team of some of today�s finest voice artists allied with a producer who has over 27 years of creative copywriting and production experience.

bob has a deep and very versatile bass voice and over 30 years experience. with more than 5000 voiceovers to his credit, he knows how to deliver all kinds of reads...and he�s a character voice specialist.

chris has 15 years of voiceover and production experience. his vocal ability encompasses everything from hard-sell to conversational, from hip and edgy to warm and friendly. his impressive portfolio includes work for the disney channel, subway, and clear channel.

connie has a great range. she can be authoritative and professional for narrations; fun and personable for conversational scripts. she can portray a middle-aged housewife or be sultry and sexy. and she�s great for commercial hard sell, news anchors, or soft and friendly deliveries.

kara is a professional actress and voiceover artist who has worked with companies from odoba to the atlanta home show to the non-profit up with people. with a strong background in theatre, she specializes in creating real characters, natural-sounding dialogue and friendly sells.

kat has a voice that�s sincere, natural and honest with a feminine warmth that invites her audience and holds their interest. she can be a fun �co-ed�, a wry and sincere middle-aged woman, a typical �soccer mom�, or a sophisticated professional with a powerful corporate edge. kat�s voice purrs and roars!

jasmine has a bright, clear, natural voice with an element of sweetness and enthusiasm. she is a professional performer in theatre, musical theatre and commercials. her warm, smooth voice is also ideal for on-hold messages.

jim is an upbeat, polished voice talent who�s perfect for industry reads and video narration. his strong bass voice is also ideal for commercial voiceovers and his portfolio includes work for cbs television and paula abdul.

sarah has a youthful vocal quality ranging anywhere from raspy, hip and edgy to high energy to conversational. her client portfolio includes work for sketchers, microsoft and napster.

scott is the owner of aerie voices and has over 27 years of voiceover and production experience. his delivery can be warm, friendly, confident and fun, and his voice is great for narration, including highly technical reads. included in his portfolio are projects for home depot and siemens.

tammy is an experienced, professional talent with a broad range of vocal capabilities. whether you�re looking for a smooth, mature delivery or an attention-grabbing character voice, she�ll bring a fresh approach to your project that�ll really make it fly.

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